How The Vitamin Niacin Can Fix Your Skin

Tina Weitz

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Niacin is a multitasking ingredient. At the center of it is its ability to help reverse sun damage, which helps improve the skin in so many different ways.

SPF Sunscreen Smarts: The 5 Rules for Every Skin Type

Dorothy Tan

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If there’s one must-have that’s universal for any skin type, it’s SPF sunscreen. Sure, you probably know  already that you should  be applying it to exposed skin parts daily—even when the forecast calls for rain—but you may not be maximizing your protection. Once UV rays sneak in, you’ll be at risk for skin cancer and premature aging, by the way of wrinkles, lines and brown spots (yes, this isn’t just for your face, it goes for your body too). Read on for tips on making the most of your SPF sunscreen application: 1. Carve out enough time to apply sunscreen:...

Skin Detox: How To Give Your Skin A Break From Too Many Products

Dorothy Tan

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Sometimes less is more, and using too many products can actually lead to congested, dull and unhealthy skin.

Try It or Skip It? Unique Beauty Tricks That Celebrities Swear By

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The weirdest one of the lot would have to be reality TV star Snooki's skincare tip: she uses cat litter to exfoliate her skin.

Handle Those Sunspots! 3 Great Ways to Stop Spots On Skin

Dorothy Tan

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Of course, we can’t say this enough—sunscreen is your weapon against UV rays. But there are some other ways to keep those rays from causing damage.