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AHA’s Vs. BHA’s: How To Exfoliate With Acids According To Your Skin Needs

Julia Sachs

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Before we teach you how to exfoliate, we want to start by touching on a couple of the most common acids to skin care products: AHA’s and BHA’s (and, sometimes, PHA’s).

Mitt, Milk, and Butter: How to Get Smooth Skin in 3 Easy Steps

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Want smoother, glowier skin? Exfoliating is your only way to get it, and doing it at home can be drudgery (not as bad as laundry, but still). It's time to turn your bathroom into a spa: We've got tips straight from the source that will give you glowing results in your shower saving you time and money. Here’s how to get smooth skin like a pro: Slough It Off: Pros know that the fastest way to super smooth skin (and to rev up circulation) is to skip the scrub and use a sloughing mitt made of natural loofah or man-made...

Scrubbing Nitty Gritty: How to Exfoliate Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You may think you know how to exfoliate skin (you've been doing it for years) but, even so, not all exfoliators are created equal. Yes, they yield the same result-- (sloughing from a scrub, chemical peel or microdermabrasion will wipe away dead skins cells, revealing a softer, more radiant, glowing complexion) but, to make the most of the exfoliator’s glowing skin benefits, it’s wise to know which formula works for your skin type. A scrub doesn't always suit a sensitive or dry face nor does a light peel help much for oily skin. No matter what your type, though, there’s a...