7 Simple Sun Soothing Solutions for Summer

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Of course we all know what we should be doing to prevent sun damaged skin (sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen). But we're only human and sometimes we all have "oops moments" where we forget to apply sunscreen in a certain area or just don't put it on as thick as we think or forget to reapply—so now we're suffering from a fiery sunburn. Don’t. Freak. Out. We've got the answers to soothing away those burning, red hot spots. Our sun damaged skin treatment starts here: - If you’re burning bad, pop an anti-inflammatory like Advil, to bring down redness and swelling....

Workouts Can Cause Bacne? 4 Ways to Keep Your Back Blemish Free After the Gym

Lisa Cohen Lee

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  Workouts bring many rewards—a fitter bikini body, healthier lifestyle and stronger muscles—but is there a bummer from all that sweat? Yes, it could be causing a bad case of back acne, aka bacne. This dreaded breakout—yes, it does happen on your body too—could be a direct result of the tight fitting workout clothes and extra perspiration. With nowhere to go the oils get trapped in your pores, pimples pop up and you're left with unsightly acne on your back. Sure it’s embarrassing and annoying, but totally preventable with these four simple steps on how to get rid of back...

Scrubbing Nitty Gritty: How to Exfoliate Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You may think you know how to exfoliate skin (you've been doing it for years) but, even so, not all exfoliators are created equal. Yes, they yield the same result-- (sloughing from a scrub, chemical peel or microdermabrasion will wipe away dead skins cells, revealing a softer, more radiant, glowing complexion) but, to make the most of the exfoliator’s glowing skin benefits, it’s wise to know which formula works for your skin type. A scrub doesn't always suit a sensitive or dry face nor does a light peel help much for oily skin. No matter what your type, though, there’s a...

What is My Skin Type?: Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Want gorgeous, glowing skin? Start with your skin type. If you’re using products not meant for your complexion, it can lead to some serious skin issues like flaking, pimples and irritation. Yet, even if you are double-sure you know what your skin type is, it’s not a bad idea to recheck.  Those formulas that worked for you a decade ago might not be the best option for your complexion today (since hormones and the aging process can change your skin’s chemical makeup). So if you’re asking, “what’s my skin type?” here’s a little test you can do: Strip down your...

Your Daily Skincare Routine: Size Matters

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, you may think it’s enough just having the right formulas in your daily skincare routine. But what you may not know is that the amount of product is just as important. If you’re piling creams and cleansers on, you could be putting yourself at risk for clogged pores and pimples. Yet if you’re using too little, you may not be getting the full benefits. Before you squeeze, scoop or pump product, check out this go-to guide for the precise portion size: Cleanser: A nickel-sized dollop is the optimum amount for covering your face and your neck. Massage it in...