Summer Sandals and The Return of Blisters: Our Best Blister Treatment Advice

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Yup, it’s sandal season alright, but if you've got bandages covering up those ugly blisters then you’re definitely not joining the party.  Blisters are caused by friction—brief, intense rubbing from a new shoe or one you haven’t worn in a while (like a flip-flop). Fear not though, our blister treatment tips are here, and with a little TLC, your feet will be celebrating the season in no time.     Don’t pop it: That bubble of fluid is protecting the new skin forming underneath, and if it pops, it will be exposed to bacteria and take longer to heal. Instead,...

Your Nails Talk About You! How To Strengthen Nails and Yourself!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, your nails are the place where you show off a pretty coat of glossy polish but, if those naked nails are looking weak, brittle and dull, then they may be telling you more than you realize. Yes, peeling nails are a definite byproduct of being a polish junkie and the aging process, but if weak nails persist,  they can be a sign of  more serious health conditions. Here’s how to strengthen nails that look weak and weary to bring health back to your hands:     If your nails are peeling: It could mean that you need to cut...

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris: 4 Effective Things You Can Do Right Now

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Those annoying chicken-skin bumps on your arms? They may be keratosis pilaris, a genetic skin condition that pops up when dry skin particles accumulate in the hair follicle, and is mostly found on the legs, upper thighs and arms. If you’ve got it, it’s not harmful, just exceptionally ugly, and has probably made you want to cover up even in record high temps. Though you can’t cure it entirely, you can have smoother skin so it’s way less noticeable. Read on for our plan on how to treat keratosis pilaris before summer slips away: 1. Exfoliate away- Sure, it’s obvious, but...

Don't Let Sexy Legs Get Ruined By Ingrowns. Our Sure-Fire Ingrown Hair Treatment System

Lisa Cohen Lee

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  Yup, it’s bikini season alright, and instead of showing off your spin class sexy legs, you’re covering them up with a tunic and flowy pants. Ok, so we know you may be a tad bit embarrassed about those ingrown hairs, but that doesn't mean you've got to spend the whole summer under wraps. We've got an ingrown hair treatment and prevention plan that will make you whip off that cover-up faster than you can say, “summer’s over”. Read on, and get that bikini packed, because we know your ingrown hairs are pretty much last summer’s news. SCRUB-A-DUB: Ingrown hairs...

Don’t Do It! Top Reasons Why You Could Be Drying Your Skin Out

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Got dry skin? Then you may be to blame. Of course, genes play a role, but if you've noticed that your skin has gone from dry to drier recently, then it’s likely you need to adjust your routine with some skincare and lifestyle tweaks.  We've got the top reasons for dry skin and treatments below, so go ahead, make the changes and presto--your skin will be back to normal again: ●Temperature Extremes:  Skin hydration levels fluctuate with the temps. If you’re constantly moving from indoors to out—stuck in air conditioning or forced heat—the lack of humidity in the air is...