Up and Away: Our In-Flight Dry Skin Treatment Plan

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Jetting off on a summer vacay? Well, your skin will need a serious break after you've been up in the air. Whether it’s a quickie or an overnight, the lack of humidity during flight times (sometimes it’s less than 10%!) zaps your skin’s natural moisture, and can trigger a host of other not-so pretty issues, like annoying breakouts, a dull complexion and nasty-looking flakes. Sure you can apply moisturizer after, but to keep your skin looking as pretty as it does on land, use your in-flight time to work on a dry skin treatment plan, like ours, below: Gear up...

Tanned and Sexy. How You SHOULD Be Applying Your Self Tanner

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Ok, so you've had a run in with self tanner before— and it left you streaky, orange-ish and oh-so-not sexy looking.  But that stops today. Yes, you can be beautifully radiant, super sexy and just plain awesome with a faux glow. The secret is having a plan, like the one below, and mapping it out ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, glow!: PRE-GLOW ●Figure out how you’d like to apply the self tanner. Formulas are varied, from foam, spray or lotion, and some are tinted that give you insta-color, while others are gradual slower variations...

Getting That Sun-Kissed Look Without All the Wait: The Best Self Tanner for You

Lisa Cohen Lee

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With so many self-tanners out there, it’s hard to choose—but we've done the legwork for you. Whether you’re looking for gradual or super-dark color that lasts and lasts (or washes away with soap and water), we've found the best self tanner for every situation plus the tools that help you get a natural looking finish every time.

How Old Is Your Sunscreen? 3 Signs You Might Not Be Getting The Sun Protection You Think You Are

Lisa Cohen Lee

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So you think you’re doing everything to practice safe sun protection, right? Sure, you’re applying your doctor recommended shot glass amount of it on your entire body, rubbing it on every two hours and staying under an umbrella whenever you can but, all that might not be doing you much good if your sunscreen formula is from last year. Sunscreen can go bad, and with an old formula, the UV filters won’t be as effective at protecting you. Not only will you burn more easily, but you’ll be more susceptible to premature aging and skin cancer moles. Luckily, we've got...

Buff Away a Foot Callus and Keep Toes Trim With a DIY Pedi

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Pounding the pavement is definitely not pretty. Your feet take all the grime, get tired and feel the tension from constantly hitting the ground over and over. After a long day, they’ll appear hardened, perhaps with a foot callus or two, and definitely show cracks and a rough texture (especially in sandals). Give them a rest with our tips for a relaxing, at-home pedi that will smooth away jagged edges and make your tootsies soft, supple and ready to hit the road again.     Soak it up: Your first step is to let your feet soak in a bowl...