Buff Away a Foot Callus and Keep Toes Trim With a DIY Pedi

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Pounding the pavement is definitely not pretty. Your feet take all the grime, get tired and feel the tension from constantly hitting the ground over and over. After a long day, they’ll appear hardened, perhaps with a foot callus or two, and definitely show cracks and a rough texture (especially in sandals). Give them a rest with our tips for a relaxing, at-home pedi that will smooth away jagged edges and make your tootsies soft, supple and ready to hit the road again.     Soak it up: Your first step is to let your feet soak in a bowl...

Which Is It? The Best Hand Cream for Your Skin Type

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Here’s the truth: No matter how young your face looks, your hands give away your real age. Don’t believe us? Look down at ‘em, and you’ll see thin skin that’s thirsting for moisture, with cracks, lines and gulp, probably a few brown spots (if you don’t, consider yourself lucky). You see most of us neglect to take care of our hands (as opposed our face, which gets all of our anti-aging attention) and because of that, well, they’re showing the signs of age. But you can turn back the clock a little bit by zeroing in on the ingredients that...

Avoiding The Pungent Smells of Summer, How To Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Lisa Cohen Lee

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It’s summer, which means your days are synonymous with sweating. Whether you’re working out or pounding the sidewalks, your feet are surely perspiring in the heat, and ok, we’ll say it— they've been getting kinda stinky. Yes, smelly feet are happening, and if you’re one of the offenders (take a whiff, and you’ll know), then we can show you how to get rid of smelly feet for good (which leaves you to worry about other things, like the right polish for your pedi).  Read on to make your feet smell very sweet: AIR THEM OUT:  Your feet have over 250,000...

Summer Sandals and The Return of Blisters: Our Best Blister Treatment Advice

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Yup, it’s sandal season alright, but if you've got bandages covering up those ugly blisters then you’re definitely not joining the party.  Blisters are caused by friction—brief, intense rubbing from a new shoe or one you haven’t worn in a while (like a flip-flop). Fear not though, our blister treatment tips are here, and with a little TLC, your feet will be celebrating the season in no time.     Don’t pop it: That bubble of fluid is protecting the new skin forming underneath, and if it pops, it will be exposed to bacteria and take longer to heal. Instead,...

Your Nails Talk About You! How To Strengthen Nails and Yourself!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, your nails are the place where you show off a pretty coat of glossy polish but, if those naked nails are looking weak, brittle and dull, then they may be telling you more than you realize. Yes, peeling nails are a definite byproduct of being a polish junkie and the aging process, but if weak nails persist,  they can be a sign of  more serious health conditions. Here’s how to strengthen nails that look weak and weary to bring health back to your hands:     If your nails are peeling: It could mean that you need to cut...